Vietnam – Bananas and Peanut Butter

Halfway through my volunteering I am finally about to release my first blog about Vietnam. Well, I guess from your perspective I have already done that. (It is actually impossible to write this sentence so that it makes sense for reader and writer.) Let me phrase it differently: If light emitted by your computer hits your eyes in such a way that this message forms in your brain. then I will eventually have released my first blog about Vietnam.  And what could be more important to talk about than food?

Vietnam is famous for its cuisine; I am certainly not the first person to blindly repeat these words after some guidebook. Some of the local food will, however, never find its way into mainstream western cooking. Eggs with duck embryos, chicken feet, dried octopus, fried eel, snails and mudskippers are only a few of the many curiosities you can eat here (guess by which criteria I picked them instead of still beating snake hearts). Nevertheless, it seems like some culinary rules are true regardless of cultural backround (I always wondered why philosophers bother with universal rules about morality rather than food). I would go so far as to propose that this might be an absolute truth, which can unite the world despite the differences otherwise:

Peanut butter goes well with bananas.

In Vietnam a toast with peanut butter and slices of banana or a smoothie combines both flavours, in Canada they are brought toghether in the form of grilled bananas filled with peanut butter (chocolate and marshmallows) or banana ice cream topped with it. Hot or cold, as whole or in pieces, for me they are the perfect couple of the year 😛

Enjoy your meal!



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