Vienna says “Hi!”


While my best friend spends her time very productive abroad I am stuck in Vienna, studying, dreaming about the next holidays and all the places I would love to go.
Still I got the feeling I owe this city something. See I love taking pictures and it’s a fact that most of my pictures are of some places here in Vienna and most of my “adventures” take place here too.


Just the other day Vienna vanished in a sea of fog, it was freezing but kind of beautiful. The air was fresh and bracing, the skyscraper disappeared in the mass of grey cold and because it all seemed magical I went for a walk with my dog.
On the outskirts of the town near Hütteldorf is a small piece of heaven called “Himmelhof”. Actually it’s just a small piece of meadow and forest but I use to go there very often and as it’s a hill you have the most beautiful outlook over Vienna.


So that day I took my dog and we went up there. It was amazing!
On the top of the hill is a lawn and normally you can see Vienna and the mountains behind but this day I only saw the 2 meters in front of me.
My dog, Gonzo, he went straight into the fog and almost like a ghost he appeared again.
That was one magical day and a proof that Vienna has some kind of magic too.

So I guess just because I don’t have the possibility travel the world in the next weeks I have some pretty cool moments too.
Sure I don’t really get to know new places but I can experience the old ones and at least it’s cold during the advent season 😉

And as it’s cookie-time, eat as many as you can! 😀




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